MASCA Queensland Arms

Student Empowerment

To ensure the students are prepared to meet and overcome the challenges of the world by developing social, ethical, emotional, physical, and cognitive competencies.


Creates a platform for students to find their talent, improve team skills, develop sportsmanship and most importantly, to further strengthen the bond between Malaysians!


To promote cultural exchange between Malaysian students and the Australian community, instill Malaysian culture in Malaysian Students and to provide a platform for students to enhance their creativity.


Concerns about Malaysian students’ welfare throughout their studies in Queensland because #MasCare4u


“Bridging companies, building talents.” MASCA QLD Career Profile caters for all students, seeking to empower their career profiles in the corporate world.

l e t ‘ s   t  a k e   a   l o o k   a t

O U R   P A S T   E V E N T S

Hikayat Desa Malaysia

Meet & Greet 2.0

s t a y    u p   t o   d a t e   w i t h  

O U R   C H A N N E L S

MasQ Magazine


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